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Hyaluron PEN In Malta / Sliema

Advantages of the HYALURON PEN FILLER vs. Traditional Fillers

No needles

Less bruising and swelling

Less infection and allergic reactions

No numbing required

Minimal side effects

Far less downtime

Less invasive procedure

Most patients can return to work the same day

Significant cost difference

The Hyaluron Pen also can add volume and plump up areas that are deeply indented from loss of fat and tissue. Areas such as deep forehead wrinkles, smile lines, jowls, and cheek wrinkles can be filled to stretch the skin and give the area more density and volume.

Do Hyaluron pens really work?

The pen is not a miracle lip volumizer (nor does it advertise to be) and since it has more superficial results, the fillers are not permanent. This technique is supposed to be less abrasive than other procedures since there are no needles involved. The risk of bruising and swelling is extremely low as well.

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