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How To Properly Cleanse Your Lash Extensions

Updated: May 4, 2019

Lady’s Eyelash extensions don’t damage your lashes but done like this it will please have a look at this had 2 clients yesterday from Same Lash technician took me more then 1h to take each client lash extensions of!

I’m sorry but lot of clients don’t now sometimes how bad it look from up because seeing just the person in front looked not that bad but close up seeing this is shocking!!!

If your lash technician tell you my glue is to strong can’t remove.... it’s a BIG NO if she had proper training she should be able to remove her work! Not only she will damage your lashes but she could me bigger problem for your eyes this is NOT a joke. Cleaning lashes is important with this glue impossible to clean then and you can’t imagine what I see... The price or time don’t matter it’s the work! Technician that do this kind of job make eyelash extensions have the reputation and don’t blame clients after to say it damage.

So please check your lashes! And for the technician that do this kind of work please change job!

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