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What is Botulash lift vitamin

A new treatment for eyelashes has emerged! Botulash is on the eyelashes, what botox is for wrinkles.

Designed to complement the Misenlift eyelash enhancement application, this unique Misencil formula is a truly advenced cosmetic products. The treatment repairs damaged or brittle lashes with a concentrate of active ingredients that will infuse moisture and repair weaknesses in the fiber for a softer, shinier lash. This lotion can also be used as a treatment alone in order to treat the eyelashes after removal of eyelash extension or as part of a cure.

The actives ingredients are: Panthenol: Some time a lubricant, a emollient and a moisturizer. it has the ability to bind to the hair. It will cover the eyelash and attaches to its surface,giving the lashes a shiny appearance. African Baobab Extract: offers one of the most powerful hair repair complexes among all the vegetable proteins. Thanks to its unique combination of amino-loving hair, it generates exceptional damage recovery, conditioning, and nourishment for overall improvement of the appearance of the eyelash. Amino Acid silk: penetrates deeply into the cortex of the eyelash to strengthen and repair. Keratin: smooths and hydrates the cuticle of damaged eyelashes by filling in the damaged area.

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